Children's book: 'The Boy Who Feared Dragons'
Illustrations for a children's story written by Tah Riq.
Drawing, Illustration, Print Design
Country Watercolours
Watercolour paintings of the cottages and countryside near my parent's house. I owe my love of watercolours to my Grandma, I thank her greatly for teaching me.
Drawing, Illustration, Painting
Gentleman's Journal
Two illustrations for Gentleman's Journal magazine. One featured an article concerning how to act as a true gent, the other explored the concept of a modern day 'Sloane Ranger'. Digital collage techniques were used in Photoshop.
Editorial Design, Illustration, Print Design
Local Village Dementia Ward
Design aims: aid orientation, induce happiness, spark conversations, stimulate memories, encourage physical exploration, and develop social relationships.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design
Rough Shutter Clothing
Illustrations for clothing brand Rough Shutter.
Crafts, Graphic Design, Illustration
L'Oréal Colour Trophy
Branding and character design to celebrate the 60th L'Oréal Colour Trophy in 2015. I tried to recreate different hairstyles of past decades whilst also integrating the number 60 into some 'hairdressing tool' characters.
Branding, Character Design, Illustration
Darker Than Fiction
A book design for an unpublished series of short stories by Marcus Bastel.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
Tod's No_Code
A Poster design to reflect the audience for Tod's apparel. Young, free and not robots.
Branding, Illustration
Children's book: Graphic design for kids
A bite-size book for introducing children to the basics of page layout design.
Cartooning, Graphic Design, Illustration
Public service information: 'Know Your Litterbugs'
Know Your Litterbugs is the hilarious, informative guide to help you identify litterbug species. Learn their motives and territories­, and record new species yourself. With this book, you can raise awareness of the litterbug population, and have a chuckle doing it.
Editorial Design, Illustration, Print Design
Sid the Friendly Spider
Illustrations for a children's book called 'Sidney the Friendly Spider'.
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
Children's learning: Birthmarks—'Proud Of My Mark'
A kid's guide to birthmarks.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
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