IBM: Can smart facilities management help slow tuition increases?
Credits: Animation, concept, storyboarding.
This GIF is part of a series for social media promoting stories from 'IBM Client Success Field Notes'. Field Notes is a blog which shares the unique and personal stories of IBM solution implementations.
"When you have facilities that range from 100 years old to brand-new and everywhere in between, it’s a major challenge to stay ahead of maintenance problems and focus resources efficiently. That’s why we adopted IBM TRIRIGA Facility Operations & Maintenance with Watson Analytics."
"Watson’s analysis uncovered what all of us had missed: a data error. Fixing that one error enabled us to recover $30,000 for a billable service ordered. Without Watson, the service would have been missed and absorbed."
I wanted to show the day-to-day maintenance tasks completed by university staff in this GIF, but I also wanted to show that there was data being fed to them from the maintenance management platform.

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